MPSC Combine B Book List Pdf Download

एमपीएससी कम्बाइन बी बुक लिस्ट , MPSC Combine B Book List ,MPSC Sanyukta Pariksha B Pustak Yadi, Mpsc combine group B pre and mains booklist pdf  2022,Combine B Book List Pdf Download

Combine B Book List Pdf Download

MPSC Book List For History

History of Maharashtra – Anil Kathare / महाराष्ट्राचा इतिहास-अनिल कठारे

History of India – Samadhan Mahajan / भारताचा इतिहास

Eleventh State Board


MPSC Book List For Geography

Geography of Maharashtra – Savadi Sir

Geography of India – State Board 10th to 12th + NCRT 11th two books

MPSC Book List For Environment

Tushar Ghorpade or Shankar IAS Either one and serial books

MPSC Book List For science / Samanya Vidnyan

State Board: New books are important (old ones should be read if possible.)
Savin Bharke Sir (or any other single book): Chart only Highlighted Points.

MPSC Book List For Polity / arthshastra

M. Laxmikant or Kolambe Sir, any one should be referred

MPSC Combine B Book List Pdf Download

Mains Book List

Book List For History / Itishas

  1. Ancient / medieval: NCERT / State board books (both old and new)
  2. Use only one of the books, Lucent’s or Unique. Not a very productive topic
  3. Modern India: A book by Grover and Belhecker (if read before) or Samadhan Mahajan
  4. Maharashtra: Anil Kathare (Old Short Book), 11th History.(For the East, only 11th history is a lot.

Book List For Bhoogol

Maharashtra State Board Books
11 NCERT (reading and revising both NCERTs of 11th

Maharashtra Geography – Savadi Sir

Paryavaran-Shankar IAS book

Book List For Agriculture / Krushi

Ready and Ready
Arun Katyayan
Remote Sensing
Practical Book in Geography – 11th th NCERT

Book List For H.R & H.R.D

  1. Book by Ranjan Kolambe Saran
  2. Desale Saran’s Part-2 Book (Economic & Development)
  3. I. P. Sir’s Success Academy H.R.D book
  4. Current related topics from Parikrama

Book List For Polity / Arthashastra

Book by Ranjan Kolambe Saran
M. Laxmikant – english / Marathi
governance in india by M. laxmikant (Chapter 3 to 8 from this book)
Panchayat Raj – Book of Kishor Lavate Saran
Unique – Part 2 Book, Gurukul Prabodhani’s Dnyaneshwar Patil Saran’s Book, Bare Act but also to see, to take short notes of Acts and to constantly revise.

Book List For Economics / Arthavyavstha

Book by Ranjan Kolambe Saran
Desale Sir Part-1 and 2
Budget + Economic Survey – From Parikrama Monthly

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